Lightweight Double Camping Hammock - Adjustable Tree Straps & Ultralight Carabiners Included - Two Person Best Portable Parachute Nylon Hammocks for Hiking, Backpacking, Travel & Backyard - Easy Setup

Brand: MoMo Outdoors


  • SET IT UP IN 2 MINUTES THANKS TO THE ADJUSTABLE MULTI LOOPS STRAPS AND THE ALUMINUM CARABINERS: Save yourself the time and aggravation of ropes and cheap carabiners to set up your hammock. With MoMo Outdoors Hammock all you'll need are two trees, rocks or poles to set up your hammock in a jiffy! Wrap and tighten the straps around the trees, connect your hammock with the aluminum carabiners to the loops that serves your needs and you are ready to swing away in nature's arms!
  • CUDDLE WITH YOUR LOVED ONE IN NATURE: THIS HAMMOCK IS PERFECT FOR TWO! Leave your mattress where it belongs, at home! The hammock is 118 inches long and 78 inches wide: large enough for two adults. The 210T Ripstop Nylon is so durable and trustworthy, that it is even used for skydiving parachutes! Swing away in your hammock without worrying about crashing to the ground, as this hammock holds up to 450 lbs! Pack it up into the compact nylon carrying bag-pack (5x5x9 inch) for maximum portability
  • BUY ONLY THE TOP OF THE LINE FOR YOUR COMFORT & SAFETY: Know your options before spending even a single dollar on such essential travel gear. MoMo Outdoors uses aluminum carabiners, which have larger openings and are lighter than those made from steel or iron. Our strongly stitched strap saves you lots of time and effort when compared to ropes. The strap's main loop is extra durable as it has 6 stitches. The strong parachute fabric will last a lifetime!
  • USE IT AS A WATERPROOF MAT TO SIT ON OR AS A TARP TO COVER YOUR EQUIPMENT ON RAINY NIGHTS: This multipurpose accessory by MoMo Outdoors is ideal not only as a lightweight hammock (2 lbs!) but also as a canopy to shelter you on rainy days. Families can use our hammocks as blankets to relax on, on their picnic. Take it along to a festival, sports event, camp site and park or simply use it in your own patio.
  • 2 COLOR OPTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS GUIDE WITH BOOKLET AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Unlike our competitors, we provide an instructions guide with helpful survival tips booklet. Choose your hammock's color: black & red or black & orange. We use the finest materials which makes us stand out from our competition. Yet, if you're unhappy with your purchase, get in touch and we'll refund your purchase. Buy Momo Outdoors Hammock now and get ready for an amazing experience!

Publisher: MoMo Outdoors


When you go into the outdoors as a camper or hiker, you require equipment that is both durable and travel-friendly. Nobody wants to carry heavy, space-consuming gear just to find out that it breaks after the first use!

Momo Outdoors Hammock is designed to be compact, lightweight, strong and most importantly - comfortable. It's everything you need to make your time in the nature relaxing and unforgettable!

Save yourself the time and aggravation of ropes to set your hammock. Pack this hammock in your backpack and you can forget about all that hassle! Hook the carabiners to the loops at the desired length and you are ready to swing away in nature's arms!

When you go hiking with your family, the parents can share one hammock while the children snuggle together in another. Simple! Momo Outdoors Hammocks are equally roomy and strong. The 210T Ripstop Nylon Fabric is so dependable, skydivers bet their lives on it when they jump from planes mid-air. You can be sure it won't rip even with frequent use.

Outdoor adventures tend to come with their share of surprises, don't let your gear be one of them. If your gear quits on you when you need it the most, you are left with zero backup options in most cases. We believe that quality should never come second. Our designers know that the most dependable carabiner is made from aluminum. We also know that looped straps made from non-stretch material are the fastest to set up, and this is why we've selected them for our hammock. We go the extra mile to deliver only the best to you, our valued customer.

As adventurers ourselves, we know the extra investment in building our products correctly pays off in the long run. Our hammock was made with great care and the finest quality materials, so you will never have to buy a new hammock again!

Buy Momo Outdoors Hammock now and get ready for an amazing experience!